Why I’m voting to leave

1. Sovereignty and democratic control: The EU makes a huge amount of the laws that effect our lives, around 60 % of all laws in this country originate from Brussels. Being an EU member has contributed to the general disaffection with parliament and politics in general. We’ve all heard people say why should I bother to vote – nothing ever changes, well that’s hardly a surprise if we cannot change at a general election the people actually who make our laws. Voting to leave will restore our sovereignty, and strengthen and reinvigorate our democracy.

2. Trade: It simply nonsense that the world’s fifth biggest economy needs to be part of a political union to achieve prosperity. Since Britain joined the EU in 1973, the USA, South Korea, Japan and many more have done better trading with the EU from being outside than we have from being inside. Europe is the only continent in the world that we run a trade deficit with, the only continent where we lose more money than we gain from engaging in trade with. In the EU we cannot run our own trade policy, we can’t make trade agreements with emerging economies that will shape the modern world. We need to vote leave to regain control over our trade policy, and start to trade with the rising economies of the world and not be stuck trading with the declining ones.

3. Immigration: it’s crucial that we decide who comes into Britain, how long they come for, and for what purpose. At present being in the EU means that not only do we not have any control over who comes to this country we cannot deport EU citizens even if they are the most undesirable people in the world. A good example of this is the case of Mircea Gheorghiu who was convicted of rape in Romania, and drink driving in Britain. He was deported back to Romania but an EU tribunal ordered his return to Britain because they said that even though he was a convicted rapist he ‘posed no threat’ to people in Britain. The EU inspired Human Rights Act has stopped us from deporting many foreign Jihadists, because they were born in EU countries. The HRA also prevented Britain for years from deporting prominent Jihadist Abu Qatada, at the cost of millions of pounds of tax payers’ money. We recently heard that the mastermind of the Bataclan attack Abdelhamid Abaaoud visited Britain before launching the murder of 130 people in Paris last November. He was allowed to travel so easily into the UK because of the right to free movement of EU citizens, despite his being placed on a travel ban by Belgium authorities. If we vote to leave we can control who enters this country and for what reason. Voting to leave would remove the freedom to travel to the UK for thousands of terrorists, for that reason alone it’s worth voting to leave on Thursday.

Article by Alan Gibbs


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