Should Bernie Sanders step aside?

Donald Trump is officially the Republican candidate for President. Trump gained the 14 delegates he needed when he claimed 15 unbound delegates from North Dakota taking him to 1,238 delegates, 1 more than he needed. Trump’s victory has been guaranteed since his last rival John Kasich pulled out, but now he has mathematically closed the race. So with the Republicans sorted, we are left with the Democrats!

The Democratic race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is ongoing. Clinton has a big lead amongst delegates and is a clear favourite to gain the nomination. Bernie Sanders would have to secure a big proportion of the remaining delegates to overhaul Clinton or even take the contest to the convention. In reality the race as a contest has been over for some time, but yet Sanders still shows little sign of wanting to step aside.

While the battle between Clinton and Sanders has become increasingly bitter, Donald Trump has narrowed the gap according to the polls in the race to be President. The latest spread of polls indicate that Clinton is only one point ahead of Trump. Trump has benefited from the opportunity to focus on the General Election campaign and is beginning to gain the support of the Republican machine. The longer the Democratic race goes on, the more Donald Trump benefits.

So what is keeping Sanders in the race? Bernie Sanders believes the momentum is with him. He has won a number of the last contests and is narrowing the gap in California. He would also point to pollssuggesting he is more likely to beat Trump than Clinton. Sanders is ideologically very different to Clinton and has only recently become a member of the Democratic Party, and therefore does not necessarily feel loyalty to the party and any pressure to step aside.

Sanders has run an excellent campaign, but he cannot beat Clinton. This means the time has come for him to let Clinton focus on Trump. Clinton is far from the perfect candidate, but is better than Trump. Sanders has brought many important issues to the fore and should be applauded for this, but he now has to see the bigger picture. It is time to end your campaign, Bernie!

Article by Mike Hough

Photograph – The Nation

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